Friday, September 10, 2010


I’ve always been an athlete. But I’ve also always had the ‘betes. Well not always but since I was twelve. Might as well be forever, I don’t really ever remember eating without thinking “how many carbs are in that”. I got really sick when I was 12, lost a ton of weight. I still remember my dad, Paul Mirr (friend growing up that I always played baseball with) and I standing in the garage and Paul saying “Brennan has lost a lot of weight”. I had but maybe it was a growth spurt right? We loaded up the truck and went up north to the baseball tournament. About four days later we all knew I had the ‘betes.

Fast forward to college. I still played baseball but didn’t pay close enough attention to the ‘betes yet. Granted, I took care of it and worked out all the time but there was still always something missing, I knew the control could be tighter.

Fast forward again, just before graduating from college I decide, “I still need something to do with sports”. So I did two things: (1) I bought a tri-bike (babe the Blue Ox as I like to call her) and (2) I went to graduate school for Sport Management in California. Seems like a good idea right? Out in beautiful California with a bike and soon to be master’s degree.

Best decision I ever made.

So I’m 23, two days away from doing my first triathlon and a year away from having a master’s degree. The control of the ‘betes is 100 times better. I don’t party anymore (like in college), I joined a great group called InsulinDependence and met a ton of great people in the diabetes community. My goals include someday completing an Ironman and longer distance races to help support Triabetes (the subgroup of InsulinDependence) and help mentor a child with the 'betes.

Thanks to people like Peter Nerothin (founder of InsulinDependence), Nate Heintzman and others I’ve met through InsulinDependence (click on the link on the left to find out more about them) I have the network of people I need to help me with my control of my ‘betes. From Ashely Hall who always answers my random CGM questions to Christian Chiappe who I will go to Vegas with for a triathlon in October, this is the support team I need to help maintain and support my healthy lifestyle and control the ‘betes.

I’d also like to thank my parents, who without their support I’d never be able to workout and do triathlons/ running events while in graduate school. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support. And of course thanks to Jamie for putting up with the long runs and rides and always going with me.

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  1. I got mentioned in your first blog. Woohooo!! Well one triathlon down and soooo many more to go!!! Plus for it being your 1st you did an amazing job!!! I was sooo proud!!! You FLOATED, You HAMMERED, and You SPRINTED!!!