Monday, November 22, 2010

Masters Swimming

So like I said I would started master's swimmers!

After emailing one of the heads of the Southern California Aquatics (SCAQ) organization nonstop for about two weeks straight, I finally pulled the rip cord and... joined.  The nice thing about SCAQ is that they have multiple pools and tons of options.

Currently the best thing for my diabetes is going to morning swims.  It's been hard to keep my blood sugars up for night workouts after having had a morning workout.  I've typically been heavily carb loading before night workouts, I mean like a 100 grams of carb before a cycling class or swim.  For me this is really about trial and error moving forward, however in the mean time if I am going to go to a controlled swim session I should go in the morning to avoid lows.  (Honestly, as work begins to ramp up I won't be able to attend night workouts anyway.)

So I looked up all of the morning practices and after the numerous emails, decided to attend the long distance swim which is made for triathletes.  It's about five miles away (which doesn't sound like a lot but in Los Angeles can sometimes be a life time away), there are closer pools but this should be the best group to swim with until my swimming improves.

I went to a practice for the first time about two weeks ago.  Sold on the first practice.  Swam further (much further) than I ever have, swimming with other people I was able to push through the threshold and keep going, which until this point I have not been able to do with swimming.  My blood sugar were always good getting out of the pool as well.

The first time I went I was worried about about controlling my blood sugars, however after attending I felt a lot better.  It's just like anything else in life, if I feel low I need to stop and get something.  Plus I rarely have a low blood sugar during a workout.  I realize looking back I was putting my fear of going to masters into my diabetes, using that as a way too make excuses which is what I never want to do.

Now I know though that this will truly make me a better swimmer.  This is the only thing that will push me to be able to do an Ironman swim well someday.  Ultimately this will make my whole triathlon experience better, getting out of the water with more energy will allow my bike to go more smoothly which allows my run to go better.  I'm happy I finally made myself do it and join a master's group.

Next up... 10k over Thanksgiving weekend...

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  1. Glad you signed up for masters too! I started a few weeks ago and love it plus it helps swimming with faster swimmers,gives me something to aspire to.