Monday, December 13, 2010

Blood Sugar Spikes

Well I didn't run in the Santa Monica 10k last weekend.  On a scale of one to ten, I'd say the whole week of training was about a two or three.  I mean I got a lot in but not one time did I think "this was a good workout".  I wanted to get in a long run on Saturday instead of the 10k but ended up only running ten and a half, my legs were incredibly sore after the run and throughout the day.    

I’ve been experiencing high blood sugars after working out in the morning’s recently. It’s all been in the last 10-14 days and has never happened prior to this.  I’ve heard/ read about diabetics getting spikes after working out but has never really happened to me and now it is, which seems really odd so I don’t really know what to do. 

And when I say spikes I mean a 280-350 BS after 90 to 120 minutes, which I know is something going on in my body because I usually have Accelorade (21-25g) right after the run (or swim or bike) and then eat a meal after a stretch/ shower about another 45 minutes later. I cover these with normal insulin doses and still am having the spikes.  It does mainly seem to be happening after runs.  

Like I said this has never happened before and I’ve always been really active so I don’t know if this will randomly stop again or what. Also, nothing else has changed in my life to cause this.  I’ve tried to think of every outside factor that could have been causing this and can’t think of anything. 

Trying to look for an answer I found from other diabetics on the internet that a lot of insulin doses don't do as much within thirty minutes of working out, until the adrenaline and even the heart rate is completely calmed down.  Maybe I've been covering insulin doses to close to the workout recently?  Who knows, I know I will figure it out and everything will work out, just the sooner, the better.


  1. I wish I had some good advice for you, but I haven't had the same problem. I hope you figure it out. All I'd like to say is hang in there and keep trying. I'm sure your workouts rate higher than that 2 or 3 you give them.

  2. When I was having a similar issue, I would take an extra bolus at the end of my workout to cover what I expected the spike to be, and then I would set my pump for a low temporary basal. The theory is that that by giving an extra bolus, you can lower the spike or prevent it, and the temporary basal for a few hours will prevent you from going low (think of the bolus as covering for the next few hours early). Good luck figuring it out. Always so complicated.....

  3. Jerry/ Lindsay, thanks for the feed back. I haven't had the spikes in a few days now, the whole thing is odd since it never happened before. I am thinking I was doing something a little different, it does seem to happen when I am in more of the rush. To me that means I'm bolusing when the adrenline is still going and it's just not doing as much. Lindsay, I really like your idea of a bolus and then lower rate after, I think I will try that either way.