Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Went to the endocrinologist recently (the diabetic doctor, I know why not just call it that right?).  My A1C (a measure of blood sugars over around a six week period) was a full point lower than last time I checked, which is amazing.  I finally am getting the control over my diabetes that I want which makes me extremely happy.  I owe this control to a lot of things; my girlfriend Jamie pushing me to take good control of my diabetes, finding InsulinDependence which allows me to have resources through other diabetics, my parents for always supporting me in these running/ triathlon events and other people from the past like Coach Hartman who I always think of when I want to quit on a run or bike ("33 minutes").

My training has been going well for being the off season, I don't bike as much as I would like but I'm in one of the few places in the country that even allows for winter biking so the little "outdoor" biking I get in I am lucky to have anyway.  My swimming has gotten a lot better with going to Master's, being forced to swim for a full hour and half without insulin is great for learning to control my diabetes during a triathlon when I may go for over an hour without the pump.  Running is going well, I may even run another 10k in Santa Monica this weekend but could opt to stay more on schedule with a long run in preparation for the Carlsbad half marathon.

I am running in the Carlsbad Half Marathon (January 23) to assist InsulinDependence (the group talked about above) raise money, please click here to find my fundraising page.  Please help the cause that has helped me so much, to learn more please click here.

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