Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carlsbad Half Marathon

It took awhile by I am finally writing about the Carlsbad Half-Marathon.  First of all, I want to thank everyone that donated to the cause, InsulinDependence is a truly great organization that I know has helped change the way I treat my diabetes and has assisted many kids gain the control they need.  I certainly wish I would have had a diabetic mentor when I was 12 or 13.  Hopefully once graduate school is over, I too can take time to mentor a diabetic child.  Jamie and I together raised a total of $885.  Don't worry next year we will reach the $1,000 mark.  (A special thanks to the anonymous donor that doubled the money I raised.)

With the money already raised, how could Jamie and I lose right?   In the end I ran a 1:45 and Jamie ran a 1:50.  I feel like I went out a little too fast which kept my heart rate up the entire time.  I certainly can't blame the betes, although I did wake up with a slightly high blood sugar, after breakfast in the morning then a quick gel right before the race my sugars were good the entire time (taking my blood sugar three times during the run without breaking pace).

I do know I have a faster time in me, considering I ran at an average 8:00 minute pace during this race but then this weekend while on a 10 mile run I ran at an average 8:08 pace, I certainly think for a race I can pick it up a little bit.  This is why I say I probably went out a little too fast, I know I am typically slow to warm up.

I also had a terrible calf cramp at mile 9 and ran with it the following four miles to the finish, luckily it never got any worse.  (I blame the 5-hour energy I took before the race, since I broke the golden rule of racing and tried something on race day that I have never tried before.)  One thing I know I need next time is more long runs, my pace really starts to fall apart about mile 7.  But reach race is a learning experience, like I said to Jamie last night at dinner, I wish I could go faster but if I could run a 1:20, I'd wish I could run a 1:10, if I could run a 1:10, I'd wish I could break an hour and if I could break that I'd wish I could break the American record.  There is always something better to strive for no matter where a person is at.

Jamie's 1:50 is really amazing, considering she has never actually ran past 10 miles before then went out and ran a great time.  I know she was a little worried having never run the distance before but definitely proved something to herself.  Great work Jamie.

Pictured above are some InsulinDependence Teammates including Bill Carlson (far right, the first diabetic to complete an Ironman, a truly inspirational figure in the diabetic community) and Chris Jarvis (center, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing).  I am honored to be in a picture with all of these guys. 

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