Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carlsbad Half Preview

I'm just over half way through the Paleo Diet for Athletes book... Let's just say it's crazy over the top and I don't at all believe that any endurance athlete should eat lower carb, no dairy and that much lean meat.  Plus, I think only Bill Gates could afford that much lean meat.  After saying this though, I can definitely say I've learned a lot from the book.  Did you know Omega-3 in fish or fish oil caps reduces inflammation more than ibuprofen?  I guess my Mom was right all those years.

I believe eating for training is a little mix of this and Matt Fitzgerald's book Racing Weight.  Fitzgerald's nutritional advice seems better but it's totally about whole foods.  After three days of trying gluten free, I can say it's harder than I thought.  In reality it's more thinking, "I can't have a sandwich" than actually wanting a loaf of bread.  I doubt I will end up completely gluten free, as an example let's be honest if I want to do an Ironman I'm going to have Powerbar and Cliff Bars.  I do think concentrating on whole foods will increase gains in training.  Plus I've already noticed the lack of surprises in blood sugar spikes.  Kind of amazing.  On average I've always used less insulin the last three days.

The true test will be tomorrow with the office pizza party tomorrow.  I have a great excuse though, tomorrow will be 72 hours until the Carlsbad Half-Marathon.  This is the actual reason I wanted to write this blog more than my typical once a week.  I wanted to jot down my thoughts prior to the event.

How do I feel?  I really want a 1:40 time... Do I feel that I am ready for that?  Absolutely not, I definitely haven't had enough good long runs over the half-marathon distance, I've had a few but not enough.  I should have let my knee rest more after I pulled out of the San Fran Marathon.  Did I really need to test it twice while still on vacation in SF?...

I do feel that if I do all of the things in my control from here on out that I can have a great race, maybe not a 1:40 but something very close if my legs hold up well.  I'll skip my typical Thursday Master's swimming, run only 30 minutes in the morning (you have to love the taper), swim nice and easy Friday morning, get another massage on Friday night to clear out any knots previously left over and get ready for the weekend (and go to the Endocrinologist on Friday afternoon).   Have a nice 30-40 minute spin on Saturday, watch Jamie kick-butt in her water polo alumni game then join the rest of the InsulinDependence group for the race weekend.

All I can do is control the things within my control.

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