Monday, January 10, 2011

Long Run in San Diego, Massage

The first week back from vacation was good for the betes.  As I said in the last blog, it's great to be on vacation but nothing is better for my blood sugars than being in a routine.  Not to mention training.  

I was actually able to get two really good outdoor rides in this last week.  My legs however, were not feeling it as much.  As I haven't gotten that many rides in the last two months, my legs can always feel it when I do go outside to ride.  The second ride of the week was a lot better than the first though, meaning it doesn't take much to get the outdoor biking legs back when I haven't done it in a few.  

What always amazes me about biking outside is the difference from indoors.  My blood sugars reflect this, needing a reduced balas rate outside, while indoor I don't.  

One of the highlights of the training week was getting a massage.  Actually, I wouldn't say it was a highlight because of how much it absolutely hurt.  A sports massage sounds great until every knot is rubbed out of the legs and back, I didn't know I had such a giant knot in my right calf, let me tell you though, it's gone now.  

My legs (and now thanks to swimming parts of my back) have felt like there were knots that I simply couldn't get out with stretching.  I've read a lot about sports massages but never overly considered getting one.  Well I tried and the verdict is in, it works.  

My long run was in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, Coronado, off the San Diego bay.  I dragged Jamie down there to do my long run because it's flat and as I said to Jamie driving in, "this is my spot", as there is always a ton of parking, as if no ones knows about a lot of the area.  

I love going there when I'm in San Diego visiting Jamie, a place where everyone looks to be on vacation or at least having a good time.  Did I mention the parking?  It's amazing when you live in Los Angeles how valuable a person starts to consider parking.  

Heading off on the run, I kept a lot faster pace than usual, showing the massage worked.  I did despite this, start off going too fast, once that heart rate got too high, it stayed there, notwithstanding I was still able to hold a faster than normal pace.  Looking back though, I would definitely do some light indoor cycling the day after a massage to get all the built up lactic acid out of the legs before the next run.  

The blood sugars were also good throughout the entire long run.  176, 156 and 134 during the two hour run.  I had about 75 grams of carb during as well, more than necessary but I'm still learning how to reduce the balas rate during these runs.  When I finished I looked at my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) which read that my blood sugar had gone over 400, well that was off.  Good ol Medtronic's CGM, doesn't always work the way a person thinks it should.

Two weeks until the half marathon.  Looking over the schedule for the coming summer I will probably run another in the first week of June, try to get a good time here in January then see what I can do in June.   

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  1. I would like a re-print on this blog. You did not DRAG me down there with you. I remember asking earlier in the week if we could get a long run in Sunday. Did i fully want to go NO, but dragging was not involved! Just for the record!