Monday, February 7, 2011

Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k

This past weekend I had a late additional to the race schedule.  The Redondo Beach 10k.  Spectrum Sports, the company I normally work races for was putting on the event, however since I didn't work the event I received a nice comp entry. 

I have been feeling really good since the half marathon, I really feel it's due to the new eating habits.  I mean I thought I eat well before but now I never eat anything that is poor for my body.  Not even during the Super Bowl I went to, didn't give into gluten. 

This no gluten is really working out.  I completely suggest it for any other diabetic reading this blog.  I can't remember the last time I had a blood over 200 that I didn't purposely spike (think before a workout).  Not to mention since the only fuel I put in my body is whole foods I just feel excellent, using a lot less insulin.  I have already had to reduce my basal rates and I think I need to do it again.

I ate a lot of rice the night before the event, waking up with a great blood sugar of 104.  I did the smart thing, learning from some mistakes at Carlsbad, waking early enough to eat a good meal two hours before the event.   Then right before a warm up at the event I had a gel to spike the blood sugar.  Ran two miles for a warm up then had another gel after checking my 140 blood sugar. 

I ran the event with Christian Chiappe, a fellow diabetic which is always nice.  Jamie was working the event for Spectrum Sports but as always, there with her support.  She filmed me coming down the stretch to the finish.

I finished with a 43:45 (tag), 43:52 (gun), a 7:03 pace, which is a PR (personal record).  I felt it was a good race and look forward to my next 10k when I get below a 7-minute pace.  What does upset me is that if you use a typical "run calculator" I should have a 7:22 pace in a half-marathon and obviously this wasn't the case at Carlsbad.  Proving once again I need more long runs, not to mention getting over the mental hurdle of going hard for long periods. 

Overall, it was a good race and I am really happy with my blood sugars over the last couple of weeks.  Each day that passes I learn how to control my diabetes even more. 

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