Monday, March 14, 2011

Catalina Island 10k

My first week of training for the Utah Half Ironman is complete.  The training week was really easy but it was good to be back in the good old swing of the regimen.  My diabetes is always in much better condition on the strict training schedule.  Even though I was on a good plan before, the very strict structure of goal driven training is the best circumstance for attaining great blood sugars.

The training week ended with a 10k on Santa Catalina Island in the city of Avalon. 

Santa Catalina Island, 22 Miles from the California Coast

Jamie and I went over there for race as a little vacation to get away.  While I wouldn't say I treated this like a "race", I always run a little harder when it is in the race format.  You know, that person is ahead of you and you just know they shouldn't be so you catch them for no other reason than to make sure you can.  

Before the race Jamie was shocked at how calm I was.  I didn't do a warm up run or anything, just ran the "race".  Prior to the race I had looked at the course map but it didn't have any elevation on it, well let's just say it was a pretty hilly 10k course.  

Elevation Gain in Catalina Island 10k, above 6% grade twice

As you can from the above, the course had some serious elevation, with the second leg of hills ending at a memorial to Mr. Wigley (yes, the chewing gum company, former owners of the Cubs, they even had spring training on the island until the 50's).  The good news is, what goes up, must come down.  

In every race, even ones I don't take too seriously, there is something to be learned.  I made sure in this race to eat at least two hours before hand.  The hotel had a lite breakfast early in the morning so I was able to have a "meal" early enough to let it settle in my stomach then have the usual shake before the race.  My blood sugars were great as soon as I woke up (115) and maintained that good level throughout the morning.  I ended the race with a 162.  

Coming to the finish
I ended the race with a 47:48, a 7:43 pace.  I feel pretty good about that; I didn't run very hard, it was a hard course and I ended with good blood sugars.  

The week's master's swimming and bike training also went great.  On Friday I cycled with the La Grange group in Santa Monica.  I rode with a fellow triathlete, Chris, who trains in my master's swimming group.  He kept telling me how I need to join LA Tri Club.  It would help my training tremendously, plus it's just more fun training with people (not to mention A LOT safer on the bike, safety in numbers).  

Back to master's swimming tomorrow.  Wake up nice and early for a swim.  Love it. 

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