Sunday, March 27, 2011

Putting in the work

Nothing huge to write about this week, frankly I am tired and can't wait to jump into bed but then again getting in bed on a Sunday night is never fun because you know Monday morning is on the other end.  

I'm trying to think of things to write but really there isn't much to say.  I wasn't able to ride outdoors for over a week because of rain in the area.  Although odd for Southern California, it reminds me how great it is that it almost never rains here.   Luckily, the rain stopped over the weekend.  

I haven't talked in awhile about the gluten free diet, don't worry, I'm still on it.  I do however refuse to stop eating soy sauce, keep my stomach use to something with wheat.  I even drug Jamie to a liquor store to check out Gluten Free beer, it didn't go so well though and we decided to pass.  I know I need to get a greater hold on my blood sugars moving forward this week.  Not that they have been bad but I know they can be a little better.   I've been waking up with slightly elevated sugars. The training is starting to ramp up more and more so I know the greater hold I have on the betes, the greater my training will be.  

My training runs on both Friday and Saturday mornings were more than sluggish, they were done right awful.  The rest of the week went very well though, I was once again able (thanks to Jamie) to get in an extra swim session this weekend and then get back from San Diego early enough to get my 90 minute sunny ride in.  

I love the weekend ride, it's by far the best part of the training.  I took the ride this weekend a little slower than most, doing some hill climbs around the Santa Monica/ Pacific Palisades area.  The views are amazing once you get to the top, always making it worth the climb.  Putting in more and more climbs will assist my training goals even if the "A" race in Utah is relatively flat.  

The above pictures are taken on the cell camera so it doesn't really do the ocean view justice but it reminds me how lucky I am to live where I do, being able to train literally year round where most people want to vacation.  

Just putting in the work.   Close to seven hours this last week, around the same this week before recovery then putting in real hours.  Carlsbad 5k coming up on Sunday, shooting for a goal under 20 minutes but I doubt my speed work is anywhere near that yet.  I can dream right?

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