Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zen Moment even with the Betes

One of my favorite parts of running is that randomly you get these "zen" moments.  I can't say what causes them because it doesn't happen often but when it does it's absolutely amazing.  It's hard to even describe what is happening but it's like everything is clear. 

My training plan meant for me to go for the weeks long run on Saturday morning but because of working an event for the LA Marathon on Saturday I ran on Friday night.  Normally changing the schedule at all eats away at me but since it is still early in the plan and pretty light, this modification was fine.  

Friday started with a light bike ride with the La Grange group in Santa Monica, this ride is always pretty slow and easy on Friday, nothing bad (this may have played a factor in my mind with running later in the day).  The plan called for a 7.10 mile run in 58 minutes.  

I go for the long run and 25 minutes in I stop to take my blood sugar.  I rarely do this, scarcely having a problem with a low during a run.  Normally, I take my blood sugar while keeping pace but this time I could feel low so I stopped (I know proud of me right Mom).  As the run was later in the day and close to an hour in length I had a bottle with me, full of carbo-pro.   Knowing that my blood sugar is much more prone to drop at night.  I drank it all along with the gel I had in my back pocket, around 55 grams total.  Waited a bit (a short bit) then started going on. 

This is when I could really start to feel the runner's high but the zen moment is more than that.  It's a feeling of being in the moment, something that doesn't seem to happen often in life (in anything).  

I ran another ten minutes but still low… UGH… I use the $15 I have all rolled up and buy a gatorade at the gas station, the first time that I have actually used the money I carry.  

I finished the run but I was really in the moment the whole time.  I had a great runners high with time seemingly standing still in a good way.  On one hand the struggle of the low blood sugar could have destroyed me, could have made me ask the "why me" question but it didn't.  In some sick and twisted way I felt sorry for everyone else.  This was the zen moment.  All the runners near me that day on San Vicente Blvd just go out for their run and home to bed, they never think about much else.  I have this whole range of odd things to consider that at this point just come as second nature.  

When something like a low happens, you can either take it as a learning experience or let it get you down, especially during a run.  I could have let that ruin the run but it made me a more impatient individual, made me see what I should be thankful for, good health and a drive to manage my health.  It gave me clarity.  

Flash flood warning in Santa Monica tonight, looks like I'm running on the treadmill in the morning.

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  1. Very cool. I wish you many happy returns to the Zen.
    Here is my attempt to describe what it's like to be in the zone.