Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conservative Hippy

As I sat and ate my organic free-range (brown) eggs this morning I thought to myself "I must be the most conservative hippy on the planet next to the CEO of Whole Foods".  Having read about a lot of business people in college and now graduate school, I've always been interested in John Mackey, the former CEO and now current Chairman of the Board for Whole Foods (partially because of his success and partially because of my families ties to the grocery business). 

Mr. Mackey is an entrepreneur, who, long story short, started Whole Foods and made it successful.  The twist?  You would think the guy would be a straight hippy but he isn't.  He is well known for his beliefs in free market, Milton Friedman ideals.  Once, at the annual meeting, an angry shareholder critized him for selling what they thought he didn't believe in, so he switched to veganism to prove a point.  While I don't go to the store for most of my food, there always seems to be something new to try when I go there. 

This was the first time I've ever had the organic brown eggs, which don't taste any different by the way.  Since going gluten free, I've learned more about how food works in my body more than ever and I love it.  I've read articles, tested things and can't wait to learn more.  Food truly is the fuel of the body, especially in endurance sports.  I can tell you if I veer off course that I won't feel as great three days later, making it easier and easier to eat well. 

Do I always stay on course?  No.  I don't always practice what I preach.  Life is an ever changing process of growing and adapting with change, each day I grow a little more in my health eating habits.  Endurance sports definitely make it easier, keeping me and my blood sugars on the straight and narrow.

I became a vegan and at the same time I realized, gosh, Whole Foods has got to create a higher standard here. I think it will ultimately be a good business decision because I think our customers expect us, want us to pave this path.
John Mackey

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