Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mind Battles

One of my best kept secrets about running (not that I claim to know anything about it) is listening to audiobooks while I run.  A friend of mine actually suggested it when I was training for the San Francisco Marathon and the longer runs started to get a little boring.  I've tried music (like everyone else) and going "all natural" (as my buddy Skip Fuller likes to say) without headphones but I love the audiobook.  It keeps my mind working, keeps the focus off the running during the hard times. 

Some of the training though should be a mind battle, should be "all natural", should be about getting through the hard times.  Running or training as you will is a projection of life.  Some times it feels great and you just want to keep going, other times it hurts and nothing could be harder than putting one foot in front of the other.  My buddy Skip is smart going "all natural", getting through those rough patches in the training will only serve him in a race and life. 

Training, the diabetes and life all have one thing in common.  Sometimes you just need to keep moving forward.  And you know what?  The runs where I want to quit and end up finishing are the ones I gain the most from, the ones that give the most satisfaction. 

As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, "Battles are won before they are ever fought".  Going into a workout with a good mindset can overcome any difficulity.  This, as in running, is the same with the betes I've come to find.  Having the correct mindset about insulin delivery and carb intake equates to good blood sugars.  It's those meals when I don't take a moment to think about the carbs and insulin, trying to just let everything fall into place that the the glucose rises and everyone goes crazy. 

You have to believe in yourself.
Sun Tzu

Cuurent Blood Glucose: 205 (ugh)

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