Monday, April 18, 2011

Travel and TriFit Ride with TT1

I didn't blog last week which bugs me the same as missing a workout.  I'm a routine kind of person, hence why I like multisport so much.  It gives me balance, gives me routine, a set of goals to look at and accomplish.  However, over the last two weeks my life has been anything but simple routine.  Travel for work put me up in San Francisco for three days, travel to a wedding with Jamie put me in Phoenix the three days following the Bay Area then after four days of work after traveling back from Phoenix and I was in San Luis Obispo for Jamie's Water Polo tournament... woooo, hope I got all that in.

Train bridge off the California Coast near Santa Barbara
Tsunami Evac Sign in the Bay Area

One of the things that worries me about travel is the betes.  It's really hard sometimes on the road.  It's easy at home.  I make this, give this amount of insulin, bam done.  On the road it's different, it's basically a guess and check at each restaurant.  Before the trip I told myself, this time it would be different, this time I would really manage the betes on the road. 

What happened?  For the first time in my life I made a lot of great inroads when traveling.  Mainly, I ordered... off the menu.  Simply asking the waiter for "Salmon with steamed veggies and brown rice" actually isn't hard once I started doing it.  Doing this allowed me keep my blood sugars in check while traveling.  A lot of this depends on the restaurant but for the most part each place will allow a person to order some kind of meat they have with steamed vegtables and rice, potatoes or a salad.  At one point though Jamie and I stopped at a small place in the middle of the desert, let's just say it wasn't the kind of joint that wants people ordering off the menu, so it does still depend. 

I'm also still learning a lot about which foods are gluten free and which are not in a restaurant.  I'm starting to get to the point where some gluten products give me a stomach ache, which is good and bad.  It's good because it forces me to eat clean but having that blue cheese dressing on the Amtrak train then getting a stomach ache isn't so fun.  Last time I have that blue cheese dressing.

While traveling I was able to keep most of my workouts in check.  I only missed one swim workout while in the Bay Area and the bike workout the day after the wedding but being a recovery week I couldn't have asked for it to work out better.  I even supplemented a light Friday bike while in San Francisco with a yoga video followed by running stairs (this was the first time I had ever done yoga, which by the way made me incredibly sore the following day but definitely helped my IT band).   Supplementing the typical workout actually turned out to be nice, it breaks up the routine and still let's me keep the sugars in check while on the road.  The body also responds well to random changes, shocking it into becoming more fit.

After all this travel for the first time I was able to go ride with a triathlon group.  TriFit Multisport here in Santa Monica.  Not only was I able to ride with this group, making riding safer and the long weekend ride much more fun but Eric Tozer, a Team Type 1 runner who I recently met at the gym was also able to join.  Eric and I meeting is great in joining both InsulinDependence and Team Type 1 here in Southern California.

As Eric and I showed up for the ride, the first thing one of the cyclist said to us was "well we are doing the Encinal Loop then the back half of Latigo Canyon, you guys better not do the back half of Latigo".  About halfway up Encinal a member of the group looked over at us and said "o yea, you guys can hang and do Latigo with us".  It felt great to get the respect of the greater group, we belonged.  The people of TriFit couldn't have been nicer to Eric and I, inviting us to lunch after.  (There may also be some life changes you will hear about in the future here that will result in me being about to ride with them each weekend.)

After the ride Eric told me how shocked one individual was after he heard we were both diabetic, "that's amazing, I can't believe you guys are riding with us".  Changing minds one person at a time.

Although the blood sugar didn't always stay in check during my travels, I can say I learned a lot over the last two weeks.  For one, just order what is easiest at a restaurant, in the end it only assists in the management of the diabetes.  So what if the waiter would rather not deal with this, it's my blood sugars at risk.  Secondly (and already I know this but can never be reminded enough), it's always good to talk about the diabetes with people that you may not know, you might just change a mind. 

"Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any"

Note: My Aquaterra Aquathlon for May 7th was cancelled, looks like they haven't had many sign ups.  May change the race schedule to doing a half-marathon or 10k that weekend.

The above video is from a Bay Area beach right outside my hotel room.

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