Friday, May 13, 2011

Encinitas Sprint Triathlon Race Goal

It's like the opening day of the baseball season, the first race of the season.  The Encinitas Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) just north of San Diego.  I'm slightly nervous for my first ocean swim race though, as I hope the pacific will agree with me on Sunday.  I've put a lot of work into my swim training since my last triathlon though, so I have a lot to look forward too and anyway it's a short swim, only 750 meters.  

My training has been going well along with my blood sugars.  Well… that is except for my 382 blood sugar on Wednesday night.  For some reason my infusion set (the needle that brings insulin from the pump to the body) went poor following an eight mile run, I can't explain what happened other than when I took it out blood began streaming out, showing that I had not received insulin for some time.  No telling how long I had gone without insulin but it ended in ketoacidosis, let's just say I was a little sick.  Similar incidents have not happened for some time but it was enough to put me in bed early.

Onward and upward though!  My blood sugar in the morning?  A solid 101, a great fix.  Woke up, went for a 22-mile bike with a short swim later in the day followed by some quick recovery yoga.  I wanted to get a good stretch before the weekends race.  

Normally I set time goals and try to have race predictions.  This time?  Nothing.  During my training this last week I've thought a lot about how I want the race to go.  Simply put, I want to have a good race and maintain good blood sugars.  My goal is to keep my blood sugar in check prior to the race as I've always had trouble with the morning meal on race day.  

Heck, I may not even wear the normal Garmin GPS or heart rate watch.  I may just go out by feel, only wearing a usual wrist watch.  Go out and have fun, that's the goal.

"Your thoughts become your reality, both in the positive and negative sense."
Mark Allen, Six-Time Ironman Triathlon Champion

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