Friday, May 27, 2011

Managing with Exercise

Note: This blog was going to be posted on Tuesday, May 24 but since I am moving it was delayed due to lack of internet.  Good thing the Solana Beach coffee shop has free wifi.

The last time I saw the endo a couple months ago the doc asked me "how long do you think the exercise reduces the amount of insulin"?  Puzzled, I responded, "an hour, I don't know".  Looking back, she ended up being pretty upset with my answer, "what do you mean an hour? Doesn't it last a full 24 hours?".  (First of all, if she was going to answer for me why did she ask?)

Looking back I've come to realize I didn't know what she meant.  Exercise is such a part of my life that my balas rates (levels of insulin) are set by it.  Exercising six days a week religiously, as if on a mission, I have almost forgotten that my diabetes is partly regulated by it.

This weekend is one of those rare exceptions how I discovered my insulin levels do need to be increased after a period of no exercise.  After a little too much celebration on Friday night upon graduating from graduate school I took Saturday off (which actually is a good thing considering I hadn't taken a day off since the Encinitas Triathlon).  Still feeling pretty sore and on vacation I took the very rare second day off... Mistake I tell you!

My blood sugar was off the roof by 5pm on Sunday.  Obviously a lot of this was my over indulgence of sushi that afternoon, however it seemed impossible to bring the blood sugar back down!  Looking back I should have gone down the elevator of the hotel and jumped on the exercise bike, simulating the insulin in my body.  In the end though it was good for me, reminding me how important the exercise is in controlling my diabetes.

While my type-A personality doesn't need a reminder to exercise, every once in awhile it doesn't hurt to have a reminder the importance exercise plays in managing my diabetes.

Does this mean every diabetic needs to manage their disease with exercise six-days a week?  Of course not.    But that is the course I have set myself on, so if going longer than a 24-hour period I need to remember to increase my balas rates and take care of myself in a different way.  You know what though?  I'd rather just exercise!  Plus who else has a girlfriend that would let you get off a flight and go for a run?  (you're the best Jamie)

“I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged." 
Shawshank Redemption

Congrats to Jamie and the rest of cohort 11s that I graduated with this weekend.  It's been a long two years at times but we made it.

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