Monday, May 2, 2011

With Friends Like These...

In the past I always thought diabetes was a self lead battle.  That the fight was mine and mine alone.  After finding InsulinDependence I discovered it isn't at all.  It's about the people I surround myself with as well. This hit me for the first time I read the groups first core value:
"An important step toward healthy living is acceptance of diabetes".

Accepting it is difficult once I actually thought about it for more than five minutes.  This is some of the reason why I write this blog, not for others but for myself.  Heck, I'd make fun of me for writing this if I was one of my buddies but in the end it helps me.  This started as a class assignment that I thought was stupid but it has turned into an important step in dealing with the diabetes, making it a log on both training and steps toward healthy diabetes management. 

This last week really reminded me how important other people are in that management and how surrounding myself with good people are at the core of taking care of myself.  Obviously people like Jamie and my parents play a large role but it goes beyond that.  By now most of my friends know that I eat gluten free, while many of them may not know how it helps me, they know it assists managing my blood sugars. 

This last weekend I realized this when I was in the car with Brooke (Jamie's sister) and Nik (Brooke's boyfriend).  We were looking for a place to eat and I said, "there's a Subway", Nik, without hesitating said very quickly "but you don't eat bread man".  No sign of annoyance or disgust.  While I know he was certainly thinking "what a pain in my butt", he didn't make mention of anything like that, being a great friend, understanding what I have to do to best manage my diabetes.  We ended up going to Subway because I said I could find a salad there but the fact that Nik thought of my nutritional habits means everything.

One of my graduate school professors has another term for this, "lobsters".  In other words, don't let people drag you down to the bottom of the pot, inevitability becoming like those weaker people.  Surrounding myself with people like Brooke and Nik there are definitely no worries like that.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Jim Rohn

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