Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The last few days of training have gone very well.  Sleep being a great factor in all of this.  I haven't slept so well the last two weeks but on both Saturday and Sunday night I slept like a new born baby.  This lead to a great 40 mile ride on Sunday afternoon leading into my recovery week with a track interval workout on Monday morning followed by a Brick (bike + run) workout that night.  Tuesday morning I had a good short swim followed by.... Yoga... there I said it, it's out.

I feel like a long-haired-Venice-living-hippy even saying it.  I did yoga ... again.  The first time was on my business trip to San Francisco, at that point I could justify it because my bike workout wasn't available.  Actually, I liked it.  The stretching feels great.  This allows my to stretch out muscles that would otherwise never be stretched, gaining increased blood flow throughout the body.

Now I didn't do yoga at a yoga studio (heaven forbid I do that) but to a video I downloaded on my computer in the safety cocoon of my room.  From what I found it didn't have any profound affect on my blood sugar pattern but the workout was after a swim, so from the one workout it's hard to say.  I will state it's not as bad as some people like to make it sound.  I did sweat a little but I can do that from reading too hard in the library. 

The gain from all of this is that I have another way to help speed recovery.  I can't say I'll ever be a huge fan of yoga but I can say it seems like a good option during recovery weeks when I have more time and am attempting to speed recovery.  Next time I look to see the true affects of it on my diabetes. 

"Seeker of truth, follow no path, all paths lead where, truth is here."
E.E. Cummings

Current BG: 138

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