Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of week, start anew

The last week was definitely an exciting one during Insulindependence University.  The Captains were able to hear speakers such as Anne Peters, Paul Madden, Cliff Scherb, Bill Polonsky and many others.  While the staff was always busy setting up the next event, I was able to catch a few of the speakers.  Most were wonderful with many combined years of diabetic experience, so insightful and knowledgeable.  The one I was able to catch the most of was Cliff Scherb, a New York based triathlon coach who also has diabetes and has finished an Ironman in 9:07.

Cliff's major sticking point was how to manage diabetes during and post exercise.  While I won't get into most of it (mainly because I'm tired from the week and want to go to bed right now) it was like light bulbs were going off in my head the entire time.  Cliff was able to tell the group many things I had thought about trying but never have, mainly because of my own fear.

Frankly, it's really difficult managing the diabetes during exercise and most endocrinologist simply don't have the understanding when it comes to management during exercise.  While not a doctor, Cliff's main point (beyond diet and how to train) is shutting off the basal rate (continuous insulin in the pump) and using a limited bolus to maintain good blood glucose control.  Normally I reduce the basal and carb load (no bolus) to remain in good control.  Since hearing Cliff speak I have only really had two workouts but both times it worked which is exciting.  I will experiment more and get back on this.

For now though it's bed time, get up early for a good bike session in the morning then it's off to the ADA Conference (American Diabetes Conference) which just so happens to be in beautiful San Diego this week.

O ya and I have a 5k next week in San Diego.  Not a big race or anything but always exciting!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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