Sunday, June 19, 2011

Insulindependence University

After what I would call a really successful week of training this next week (starting today) is Insulindependence University. (Actually I'm typing this out on my phone waiting to check a few more people in from the airport). As my blog says, a life lived through the trials and triumphs of diabetes through athletics, most of what I do in life is related to the world through diabetes and sports. Insulindependence University however is the coming together of many people in the same boat looking for the same answers. The situation makes me realize I am not alone but together with an entire community of support. Although on the support end of it I know I will come away with more answers as well.

The "captains" all come together for this program to learn more about themselves, their diabetes and how to better their diabetes management through athletics. Many use triathlons (as I do), others distance running and some the great outdoors. It's always funny being around a large group of diabetics because someone is always checking their blood sugar or sharing a story. We all are the same, yet all different. Coming from many different parts of the country to San Diego in order to learn more about diabetes.

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