Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Changes

Well I finally did it, signed up for a triathlon club.  The San Diego Triathlon club to be exact.  After a big move down to Solana Beach in the north County San Diego area this past week I was able to start riding with the group this last Saturday. 

I met the group for a great 47-mile ride through the hills of the north county and back down highway 101 on Saturday.  The entire time each member of the group seemed was so encouraging and happy that it will definitely be a great team to ride/train with.

On the training plan for Sunday was a 14 mile run which I completed by running from my apartment up to Jamie's grandfathers house in Carlsbad where she met me so the three of us could go to lunch together.  During both workout's of the weekend I was able able to control my blood sugars perfectly which is also encouraging.  Although it has taken some serious time, I feel I am now able to really control the blood sugars during training both long and short.

After a short brick workout (bike+run) this morning, tomorrow calls for master's swimming.  That means a new group to train with in the morning in Solana Beach.   

Next up, the LA Tri Series Olympic Distance Triathlon on June 11th.  Also, registration opened for the Las Vegas Rock-n-roll Half-Marathon today!

Couldn't be more excited. 

But once you become active in something, something happens to you. You get excited and suddenly you realize you count.
Studs Terkel

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