Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 Days out

As I sit with an excellent runners high six days out from the Orangeman Triathlon I think about the coming race.  The training that has gone into it.  How life has changed since signing up for the race.  The things I have learned about my diabetes over the last four months.   How my job has changed.  The bike wreck.  I've gotten engaged.  

Everything feels good going into the race.  Although I'm not totally in the shape I'd like to be in for the race, I feel good.  I'm at my goal race weight, my bike training has gone very well and my swimming has improved.  The training has gone well the last three weeks.  Prior to that things were a little difficult.  The bike crash caused me to stop running for about three weeks.  Previous to that my IT band bothered me after the Ragnar Relay.  All and all though, things feel good.  

While the ocean tide may slow me down, the uphill bike course could slow the bike wheels and the lack of run training may lead to an idle run, my nutrition plan and diabetes won't stop me.  Over the previous two weeks I have been planning and testing my diabetes plan, knowing just how to eat and bolus the day before along with levemir (12 hour long acting insulin) overnight and during the race.  So sorry Medtronic, even if your pump let's me down, it won't have an affect.  

Tomorrow morning and Tuesday I will test my race morning nutrition to make certain I know exactly the bolus I need.  While everything could still go sour, I'm taking all the precautions.  My notebook is packed with examples and the planning.  

Going into the race I'm going to dedicate the race to Jamie and my parents.  For all their love and support with my crazy training, knowing how much it makes me a better person and helps my diabetes.

"I wanted to run my race. I didn't want to sit there and play games and see who could kick the hardest. I wanted it to be a race."
Marla Runyan, Olympian

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  1. Can't wait to watch you crush on Sunday!! Your going to do great!!! Plus your life is just way better you got engaged!!! haha :). I plan to dedicate all my pictures and video skills (the little I have) to my amazing fiance. ANd I hope to not walk off any curbs!!!