Thursday, September 1, 2011

Healing Powers

Written on August 25 on a flight from San Diego to Chicago.

The groin ended up putting a damper on Sunday's swim workout.  About 200 yards into the swim workout my kick was worthless, it was like dragging a log.  Trying to use the pull buoy to finish the workout I ended up going another 1,000 yards before completely pulling out.  I hit the lane line with my arm and shooting pain went down my leg, reminding my body how all the nerves and tissue are endlessly connected.  More ice, more rest.  

I went home, tried to correct the now all too high blood sugar thanks to not finishing what should have been over an hour swim workout.  I knew though that the leg hadn't been bothering me during bike training so long as I stay in the saddle during climbs so I still planned to go the distance on that workout.  

I got it in.  The whole 60 mile bike.  Jamie went with me for the first 40 miles and I finished the last 20 by myself.  Honestly, it was the toughest mental 20 miles I'd had in a long time.  I don't know if I gained a lot of fitness that last 20 but what I didn't gain physically I gained mentality.  Maybe that's part of the point, stick with it even in those times when the body doesn't want to do it.  

I've been more than impressed with Jamie since getting her a bike.  She has powered through workouts, gaining fitness on the bike quickly.  Her first weekend out riding over 30 miles with Blair and I, now she can power through the 40 without a problem.  She's also getting faster quick, gaining comfort and learning how to ride.  Soon we will have her climbing the hills and drafting with ease.  

Right now I'm writing this on a plane heading to Chicago for Insulindependence's regional event, the Chicago Triathlon.  If not for the groin I would have competed along with our team members but the rest is good for me.  The groin has vastly improved since that Sunday swim, having swam on Thursday morning with the master's group for the entire workout without a problem.  

What I've learned over time though is not to try to come back too soon.  I will resist the temptation to run until next week, let the body fully recovery and see how it feels with a light workout first.  

On the diabetes front I was finally able to get a Dexcom this week.  So far I love it, it's unreal how close it gets to actual blood sugars.  I absolutely can not wait until labor day weekend to go on a long ride and run with it, allowing me to see trends and data for a whole workout, not simply a moment in time like taking a normal blood sugar reading.

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  1. Thank you for the compliment baby.. I am glad to know that you can tell I am getting better!! I hope it starts to get easier!!!