Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Training

Not only has the training been good this weekend but life has also been good with the SDSU Football opener on Saturday night and the Twins-Angels game in Anaheim on Sunday afternoon.   Both were really fun, making for a fun labor day weekend.

On Saturday morning Jamie and I went for a ride of nearly 40 miles then I went back out for another 18 mile loop trying to finish off what my training plan had listed.  This is the first time I have gone for an extended workout with the Dexcom Sensor, which proved to be more than helpful.  

While it's tough to see in the picture (thanks to the plastic bag keeping my nasty sweat off) it's easy to see the basic straight line across.  In both workouts this weekend I kept my blood sugar in perfect check, ending my 58 mile bike with a BS of 134 and my Sunday long run with a BS of 115. 

I never felt comfortable on the bike this weekend, the whole ride was slightly off.  Honestly, the last ten miles were probably my best, I'm guessing a product of the mind thinking it was near over.  The long run couldn't have gone better though for not having a "long" run in over a month, I ended up with a 13.5 mile run holding a steady pace finishing under the two hour mark.  

The Dexcom lasted over eleven days, it's projected for seven but I wanted to see how long it would last.  I honestly can't believe how great it is, making living with the 'betes much easier.  Not to mention making exercise that much better.  

During my Sunday run I stopped on the 101 to take a picture of the sunset.
 "The Truth is that Running Hurts. No one gets faster without meeting their personal pain barrier straight on."

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