Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Video and Denver Half

A little work trip coming up this weekend.  Insulindependence's Denver Marathon weekend, I'm going to challenge myself a little by running the half.  Training has been sluggish this week; the ride yesterday was good, swimming has been a challenge and no running. Rain tonight so I'm on the bike trainer tomorrow morning, add a few intervals.  I haven't ran (since Sunday) because I am going to run the half-marathon this weekend and have wanted slightly more recovery this week coming out of the big race.

Blair gave me the film from the "GoPro" camera from the Orangeman Triathlon; I edited it and below are the results.  

A few changes to the blog, hope everyone likes the "cleaner" look.  I stole the look from Blair's sister Alison.  Thanks Alison.  

"Fatigue is a disease and I don't want it." 
John Marino

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