Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre Christmas Swim

First day of winter. 

Master's swimming outdoors this morning on the first day of winter. Everyone that has ever visited me from home has said "you mean to tell me that ALL the pools are outside". Actually I definitely said that myself when I moved here. Jamie will probably laugh at this post but when you're from a place that can get down to negative thirty degrees and everything still functions an outdoor pool in the middle of December is pretty remarkable. Reminds me why I am willing to "pay the sunshine tax" to live here. 54 degree's outside during the swim. Ride in the morning (outdoors again) then to the cold for Christmas. A little less training over the next week while at home but still going to get in some good treadmill runs and indoor YMCA swims with Jamie. 

Solana Beach Boys and Girls Club in the morning post swim

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