Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vegas Half-Marathon

Sleep? Who needs sleep? Not us. Not to run a half-marathon. Alright fine, we slept a little, BUT not much. After some fun in Las Vegas my two college buddies and I ran the Las Vegas Half-Marathon, at night! Skip and Marcus, who I played baseball with in college (and lived with) both flew into San Diego the days before the race then made the epic journey through the desert to the glimmer of Vegas.

Under the beacon of lights in Las Vegas we ran, or should I say I jogged and Skip and Marcus ran. They both cranked out a 1:39 (even after waiting for me to use the restroom) and I had a split slower than my last half-ironman. My body upset from the lack of sleep and the lack of running the last month. 

I envy both of their running ability, both definitely know how to shut off and just run. No over analyzing, no thinking about anything besides the beauty of the run. Skip never runs with a watch in a race, Marcus gets pumped up like a prize fighter before each run. 

Over the weekend we discussed a lot about endurance sports and what it means to us, how it has given us that thing we need post "team sports". Skip hopes to run a 50-miler in the near future, I only hope to be there as a pacer for him the last ten miles when he does. Marcus is definitely going to shatter 1:30 in a half in the coming year.

After a fun weekend it's time to start that base building for Ironman. A lot of slow long rides to come!

"There's just no quiet in Vegas."
Barry Manilow

Marcus and me

Skip and me

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