Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can't beat that

Despite terrible blood sugars during the long weekend ride I still managed a good ten minute transition run afterward. The start of the plan to always run off the bike to let my body adapt and change. What I have learned more than anything in my recent training is challenging the body and taking it out of the comfort zone is what leads to the most change. While I can say I already knew this, some times the small reminders don't hurt.

My Sunday morning swim with Jamie didn't go so hot either, however the rest of the weeks training was pretty solid so I have no complaints. Some days are just like that. Ninety minute run tonight after going to see Jamie coach her SDSU Club Water Polo team over at the University of Califonia-San Diego.

Next Sunday, time trial on Fiesta Island. "The race of truth." Twenty kilometers (12.4 miles) of all out pain as hard as I can go. This will be my first cycling "race". Pretty excited about that considering I love being on the bike more than anything else.

Did I mention it's "winter" in California? Can't beat these pictures outside.

Photo at 7:30am on Saturday during ride
Jamie coaching her Water Polo Team on Saturday (01/28)

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