Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Goals

I've read (so we can't be certain) that writing down goals makes a person far more likely to succeed. While I absolutely don't believe in "New Years Resolutions" (because if it's that important a person should just start doing it or stop doing it, which ever it may be) I really believe in goals. Life needs goals, both short and long term. In this, "the year of Ironman", I am first setting a goal to log both my short term and long term goals on this blog. Heck, if writing down a goal makes a person more likely to succeed then making them public on the internet must be the fast track to success...right? Right. 

Jamie and I at Fiesta Island before biking.
Short Term - three months
1. Drink less coffee! Caffeine in general actually. Following reading this article early last month on how caffeine stimulates the nervous system a little too much. 
2. Get down to 185 before May's Epic 125 race. Actually I am setting a date of March 20 for this goal. The half distance of this race.  
3. Run minimum ten minutes after each long Saturday ride over the next three months. (Following the advice of Pete regarding Ironman training.)
4. A1C of 6.5 or lower. 

Long Term
1. Finish Ironman feeling good. Do the right training, eat well, as I was taught in grad school; it all ties together.
2. Do the right training all year. There will be times when biking another mile could just become too much. Do the work that is important. Again, it all ties together.

Okay, so when riding I can think of like 100 of these but right now it seems harder. More later.

Fiesta Island Ride Video from today below. 

"Effort is the measure of a man."
William James

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