Sunday, February 26, 2012

Riding along

Wow, it has been about two weeks since I wrote a blog. In those two weeks I've been to Tucson for work with the Triabetes club, rode the Ironman Arizona bike course in Tempe, saw my Grandfather for his 90th birthday and had another good weekend of training. 

While riding the Ironman Arizona I ruined a rear training wheel blowing out two tires and lost my Dexcom receiver (Yes, I said it, lost the Dexcom receiver, epic fail). Let's just say I'll have to ride the course again before doing the race due to how I left it this time. 

I learned a lot from Cliff Scherb while at the Triabetes training camp. One of the many perks of working for Insulindependence. Bill Carlson was also there, the first diabetic to complete an Ironman in 1983, a true champion of diabetes. Both had a lot of good advice for the team. (Including the below video.)

I've also decided I will coach myself creating my own training plan going into my first A-race of the season, the Epic 125 in Las Vegas in late May. There are now twelve weeks until that race so I am about to go into the "build phase" of training. I believe I will learn much more about my body and what I know about training by creating the rest of the plan from here on out myself. Will I make a few mistakes... sure will but I will learn a lot more about training from this than just following a general training plan.

Jamie has also been helping a lot with my swim training on the weekends. Each time I know I gain a lot. A fun video below. (And no, Jamie isn't in fast motion, it's just vexation from seeing me go slow.)

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