Sunday, March 18, 2012


Having breakthrough's with diabetes are typically few and far between. It's like anything in life, "this works, why would I change it". After this last time with the Triabetes captains and Cliff Scherb in Tucson I finally really gave Cliff's method of controlling blood sugars during workouts the full chance it deserves. 

While I won't go into detail, the basal rate gets shut off with a bolus before the workout. Then you have to bolus again 10 minutes before the workout ends to control a spike post workout. There are a lot more details but it gets complicated. 

I tracked everything in a spread sheet over the last couple of weeks during a few hard morning bike trainer workouts. After figuring out a few of the details I came to one conclusion; Cliff is works. 

It's unreal how much it works actually. No post workout spike, no going up then down during the workout. Just a lot more control (much like all of you with a working pancreas). The trade off is a little more risk, don't do that bolus 10 minutes before the end of the workout and a spike happens. 

Like anything there is more to figure out but it's good to try new things and see that they work. 

Felt other breakthrough's this week. Riding on Friday morning before work on a course I haven't been on in some time I realized the hills were much easier, power on the bike is going up. Then a long continuous swim on Saturday was so much easier than even a month ago, swimming four days a week is paying off. Next week; huge workout day. Up early followed by a big swim then long bike and long run. Truly test the waters. 

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
Charles Kettering

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