Saturday, March 31, 2012

How I picked the losing lotto numbers

Didn't win the lottery? Yeah, me neither. (Obviously I didn't win, I'd be on a plane to an undisclosed location with Charles Dickens writing my blog after I woke him from the dead with half a billion dollars.) 

So how did I choose those losing numbers? 

I needed five numbers and the mega pick. It's obviously important to select the right ones (which I didn't) so random picks just wouldn't cut it.

Pick #1: 10
10 got the first pick because it was my blood sugar at the time (or at least what the Dexcom told me it was). I subtracted 100 because the friendly lottery commission wouldn't let me select 110 so a digit had to disappear. Honestly, I may blame losing on this. Should have calibrated the CGM!

Pick #2: 20
 20 received the second pick because that's how many minutes my alarm clock is set ahead so I am never late to Master's swimming. Twenty may also be the number of minutes it takes me to convince myself that swimming "won't be so bad today". (Ya right, keep telling yourself that Brennan. [In third person. Come on, I can pretend I won and Dickens is writing this!])

Pick #3: 12
12 received the third pick, Jamie's water polo number in college at San Diego State (GO AZTECS!). Twelve first divided by two then squared is 36, add one to that number and it's 37. Add 100 to 37 becomes the total number of Hawaiian Islands. I figure had I won, I'd have twelve bikes in my Hawaiian home by next week. 

Pick #4: 44
44 got a call up from the minor leagues because it's the number of carbs in Clif Bar's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut bar. If you're thinking "why that bar" it means you haven't had one, it's the best! (Mom, I'll send you one, it's good.) For those mornings I stand in the bathroom convincing myself swimming won't be bad, I just have to hope I have a Clif Bar (only 97 cents at Sprout's!) in the kitchen. I know exactly how much insulin to give myself before hitting the water and my blood sugar will come out great on the other side.

Pick #5: 2
How did I pick number 2? The H2 that's how! On my way to get the ticket I saw this monster vehicle and thought "if I win I will need something to hall my twelve bikes in". Since the price of gas wouldn't be a factor with half a billion dollars I'd be rocking the Hummer just like Schwarzenegger on one of the Hawaiian islands.

Last pick, the MEGA pick: 13
13, my college and high school baseball number. It's also the number of years I've had the betes (well in August). Unlucky? More like super lucky. Thirteen was worn by Dan Marino, Shaq (in the Olympics) and Wilt Chamberlain. It just so happens that thirteen is also the name of my first born son had Jamie and I won the lotto. Naming your kid after a number has seemed to work for the Beckham's! (Jamie, I'm totally kidding about that one... sort of.)

And there you have it everyone! That's how diabetes, training and Jamie selected my lottery numbers. Fail! Maybe next time my blood sugar will be the winning number. 

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