Friday, March 9, 2012

The ups and downs of training

Thursday was by far the hardest morning I've ever had getting out of bed to train. pulling a tired and sore body from bed to the pool. It was the first time in triathlon I've truly experienced the training low from being THAT tired training. The tempo of midweek workouts has drastically increased as I switch to new phases of training getting closer to "The Showdown at Sundown". The typical doubts played through my head; what am I doing, why don't I just go back to bed. 

It didn't help that when I left the warm apartment I could see my breath and feel the cold air. All I could do was curse Southern California for having outdoor pools, knowing I would have to go from the locker room to the water in hardly any clothes. Then, once I hit the water and one lap was complete, it hit me, it was all worth it. 

I spoke with one of my best friends, Skip Fuller after work that evening. Skippy is running a 50 miler in July for his A-race and I respect the heck out of how he trains. While I couldn't live without knowing my heart rate; Skip just runs, just the click of a stop watch on his wrist. The backend view might be different but we both understand the "it needs to get done" philosophy. Skip reminded me "way better now than in a race". How true is that? 

Whether Skip knows it or not he'll do an Ironman someday with me. And inevitability whether I know it or not I'll end up on the start line of a 50-miler with him. I started Thursday thinking it was about the race. I ended Thursday remembering it's about the journey. 

"LTD; Living the dream."
-Geoff Fuller (aka Skip) 

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