Monday, April 2, 2012


Below is an email I received from a member of Tri Club San Diego this weekend regarding the Leadman 125. The race was held on Saturday (March 31) and is the same course that my modified half-ironman distance race will be held in May, the "Showdown at Sundown"

Congrats to Dean Sprague and Michael Bascon from TCSD for finishing this brutal race!  Winds of 30mph+ and gusts to 70 turned the lake into an ocean with waves (I tapped out here, at least they let me do the bike and run) ; also the hilly bike course made many tap out half way. As I approached the run many pros where slowed down to a walk up the 8.15 constant slope of a run course. If you are looking for something more challenging this is your race, they are even doubling it to the leadman 250 for next year!

Christian Chiappe, a good friend from Insulindependence did the race this weekend. When I text him to see how his race went, his only response was "windy... really windy". Even the pro's like Jordan Rapp struggled looking at their race reports. 

The good news is the race starts at 11:00am! Only in Las Vegas would they let you sleep in for a race. However, by the end of May it should be plenty hot in the middle of the desert. 

All this really means is that the challenge will prepare me even more for Ironman Arizona come November. It also means over the next six weeks I better start running more hills!

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