Friday, April 13, 2012

Noah's ark

For the first five months I lived in California I never once saw a drop of rain. I remember telling people back home "this is great; there's the ocean, it never rains, it's all good". 

But alas, when you only plan out four races for the entire year it will rain during one of them in a place Noah has never heard of. 

Sitting at the Holiday Inn Express in Morreno Valley I can't control the rain but I can't give thought to that now. I can only worry about things in my control. 

My blood sugar is currently fantastic, having eaten my last meal at 5:00pm in the car. My wetsuit, bike and running shoes are all ready to go for the morning. A syringe with 8.0 units of insulin is laying next the rice cakes, banana and apple juice I will have at 4:30am tomorrow. 

I have to remember that triathlon isn't running. You can't compare one race to the next, each race is difference. This race will be different and that's all part of the journey. 

Tomorrow my journey will take me outside in the cold after 8.0 units of insulin to a race that may not happen then back to the hotel to crush food at the diner across the street for another 8.0 units of insulin. I can't control the rain but I can control how I view it all. 

No regrets. 

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