Thursday, May 3, 2012

I want a vente, nonfat, super nonfat, half filled with milk, latte half caff..... did I say no milk?

I was born with a certain gene. Some people have it, some people don't. Jamie, she doesn't have it. My Mom, she doesn't have it either. My co-workers are all scorned with it, especially Blur. Where did I get this gene... my FATHER!

My dear old Dad is a coffee fiend, the guy drinks it by the gallon. I think the last time he had anything but coffee was actually during the oil embargo when the United States wouldn't import from countries like Columbia (that could be true, you never know, better ask him). 

He passed along the coffee gene to me. 

Is this a bad thing? Heck no, the stuff is good! Really good. I think he holds it against me that I add sweetener but other than that I drink it black like pops. 

So what am I even writing about? 

Well have you ever known something but never really listened? I've heard from more than a few friends with the 'betes that coffee (or the caffeine in it) spikes the blood sugar. HA! I thought. I've never had that happen I said. Heck, now that I look back I don't think I even said that. I just plain never even thought about it. 

Until Felicia, a board member of our organization brought it up during a stressful situation. "That coffee spikes your blood sugar"... "That coffee gives you anxiety"... O my lord! It does I thought. I told her it was my last cup. 

Until the next day when I had another. Then the next day. 

Until the ever trusty co-worker, Tom told me, "you'll never give it up". O yeah Tom! That's like calling Marty McFly a chicken!  A challenge. 

I've known that Paleo dieters, which I definitely believe in, a la carte style, only drink tea and water. I do believe in drinking a lot of water during the day, keeps me full. 

Let's give tea a try I decided. Water gets dull, tea adds taste. 

Then, suddenly, no odd mid-day blood sugar spikes. Gee, maybe it was all that caffeine. Tea has caffeine but not like coffee. Lame I know. 

I actually found I like black tea though, it's good. Not strong like coffee but enough to break up the water. I also noticed it doesn't give my mouth that dehydrated taste that coffee does. But what I really noticed is the numbers on my continuous glucose monitor (CGM). 

Today though, I had a good old energy drink. Caffeine just like coffee plus enough B-vitamin to launch the space shuttle. Sitting at my desk my blood sugar started to rise. What! What is this! I didn't eat anything. Nothing for three hours prior, no food since lunch. Not even a mid-afternoon snack. Just that energy drink. I wasn't even drinking it because I was tired. I just had a weak moment and wanted something that tasted good. 

The picture below is a good old analysis of the entire day. Perfect blood sugars all day, even perfect during the 45 minute hard run this morning. Then lift off, just like the space shuttle. No change in basal rate, no food on board, nothing. I can't even blame this one on stress at work. Just that caffeine. 

This solidifies that Felicia was right. I'll stick with that Earl Gray Tea and stay away from the energy drinks and coffee in the future. Yeah, I know I could bolus for coffee but while sitting at work that's no fun. 

Does this mean I'll never have coffee again? Absolutely not, I'm going home memorial day weekend and I know I'll suck down many cups of joe over the weekend with Dad. That's worth the bolus.

Facts on the internet that may or may not be true: 
The US government spent $79.7 billion on diabetes care in 2005. 
The US imports $4 billion in coffee each year.
Starbucks net revenue in fiscal 2010: $10.7 billion

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  1. Why am I entitled the "trusty co-worker" like it could be a lie...I could have told you coffee raise BS back in youngin's