Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pre-Race thoughts

All registered and sitting in the hotel room relaxing before tomorrow's race in Orange County. The calm before the storm. There is nothing else to do besides sit, relax and wait. "The hay is in the burn", the work has been done. Although I am fully tapered and rested for this race I have no real ambitions or specific goals other than do well, have good blood sugars and have fun. 

I can wish all I want that this were the race I planned for, a longer event that would be more a test of my swimming and biking improvements but there is no use worrying about things out of my control. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow I'll be racing another Olympic Distance triathlon, the Orange County Triathlon, the same distance as my race in April (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run). Since the body can't hold peak fitness for very long, after the race I will take it really for about two weeks. First a mimosa or two (maybe three) at breakfast then let my body rest and recover before fully ramping it for Ironman training. We are now 183 days from Ironman Arizona. Full on for 24 weeks, six months on the dot. 

Since I had planned for such a longer event than the one tomorrow (plan was for a race that was suppose to be 2.5k swim, 111k bike and 11k run) I feel my base swimming and biking are great. I'm so happy with my swimming that I could cry. Two years ago I could barely swim to now doing 2,000 yards with sprint sets as an "easy day" this week. For this is the reason I don't have huge ambitions about tomorrow, I know that whatever happens tomorrow the work has been put in place that will help with Ironman Arizona, the real goal. 

For now though, the meal before the race. (To my buddy Skip, no joke, it's so good!) O and thinking more about if I will do Ironman Texas next May. Registration opens tomorrow morning. 

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