Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home for Memorial Day

On Thursday evening (May 31) I flew home to be greeted by two of my best friends, Geoff (with a G, like the Toys-R-Us Giraffe) and Marcus. I played baseball in college with both and somehow we all found our way into endurance sports in our retirement era (at least that's the way I'd like to see it).

I've gone totally nuts and plan to do an Ironman in the fall, they fell totally off the rocker and are doing a 50 mile run in July. It's debatable right now who is more crazy, probably a subject that will be revisited.

The old train bridge now part of the trail.
Geoff (also known as Skip) and Marcus have a great view on training and running. Just go out and run, no watch, no music, no major plan.

Talking to Skip is like a Nike Commercial, just run. I took a major page from their book and just went for a run on Friday of Memorial Day weekend along the Chippewa River in my hometown of Eau Claire. No watch, no music, just run.

I went back on Sunday morning for another run, though this time with my phone's camera. I wanted to take in the beauty that is where I'm from.

Chippewa River.
The rushing water.

Sign on the bridge. An old train bridge.

Had I run with music I would have never seen this water fall. 
Bridge that crosses into the famous Water Street area of Eau Claire.
$159 for an entire YEAR! Good lord. No sunshine tax here. 

The famous Eau Claire Buckshot Run that is on the bucket list. 

Under the bridge crossing the Chippewa River.

A fundraiser around the Eau Claire area are these hands. They don't make any sense but they are pretty cool. All painted up custom everywhere in the city. 

Later that afternoon I went to Carson Park for a baseball game at the old stomping grounds.

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