Monday, June 11, 2012

X Training Masochism

Ironman training has begun. Last week was the first of twenty-four leading up to the race in November. 

About four weeks ago I started going to a triathlon training group on Thursday morning's with Blair. It's coached by Sergio Borges who coaches the UCSD Tri Club (how Blair met him) and runs the coaching service called San Diego X Training. Let's tell the story how it is, the Thursday workout is masochism. There's also a Tuesday brick (bike/run) workout that we'll eventually start going to but let's not get ahead of ourselves yet.

The run is all trails in La Jolla near train tracks. I've never seen a train in the morning but sometimes it feels like one hit us. This will hopefully prepare us better for Ironman Arizona in the fall. Even if I don't get any faster, it will definitely do one thing; mental preparation. With a group you can always go much harder than the lone individual. Below is last week's two lap time trial (here's the link). You can see how hilly the trails are and how I was at threshold during the main set after ten quick hill repeats for the warm up. 

“Some [workout] sessions are stones and some are stars, but they’re both rock, and we build with them.” 
—Brett Sutton

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