Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 3 and 4 training

The last two weeks of training have been unique while building the base for the Ironman Arizona. At Insulindependence we had our captains come to San Diego for the University of Insulindependence at UC-San Diego. We trained these individuals to be local community event leaders, mentor a child and had coaches attend to give them training/nutrition advice. 

Week 3 (June 18-24) had the usual tough Sergio workout, hard Tuesday trainer ride, masters swimming and a very early Sunday morning long run before the captains came to town. 
Swim: 10,300 yards (5.85 miles)
Bike: 112 (ironic)
Run: 26.5 (ironic as well)
The reason I put the totals; notice those distances? In November I'll do all that in one day. 
Monday morning run in Del Mar, CA. Watch out for the train. 

During my week 4 (June 25-July 1) training the training load was lighter while being lucky enough to get in some good workouts along side the captains. Actually, I ended up realizing how much water I drink at my desk during the week. I felt dehydrated throughout many week 4 workouts from not keeping up my normal water and electrolytes intake. 

Jamie coaching open water swimming pointing to the heavens.
Board member Felicia, friend Tom, myself and Blair during UofIN
While in and out of a few sessions during University of Insulindependence I was able to hear a lot of good diabetes information including Dr. Bill Polonski of the Diabetes Behavioral Institute who played this funny video, Dr. Ann Peters who is Blair's doctor as well as Gary Hall Jr's and a few others. 

Sergio at the HR Test. 

The captains also did a lactic threshold heart rate test with Coach Sergio while we took down everyone's information. Jamie was the swim coach for three days with both an open water swimming portion and two pool sessions. Any time I can get swimming advice from Jamie is good for my swim stroke. 

While week 4 didn't include as much training, it included a lot of good information. Also, Jamie signed up for the Chula Vista Challenge, an Olympic Distance race in August. Next up; week 5 with the fourth of July training! 

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