Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 5 training and rollers

A little fun on the bike other than the big miles. James Stout, a former under 11 country tennis champion (or so his blog claims but he has yet to prove this with a trophy), let me borrow his rollers. For those non-cyclist it's basically a torture looking device that allows you to ride inside just as you would outside.

A trainer will hold the rider upright and give as much resistance as someone would want, rollers let riders fall over in a pit of shame. They don't allow for much resistance but they sure put ones ego in check and improve the pedal stroke and balance. 

James is a professional rider with a broken tailbone (not to mention a broken pancreas like mine) so he allowed me keep his rollers warm and give them a try while he's doing his aqua-jogging. I opted to video tape the feat just in case I either died or fell over in shame for laughs later. I started by leaning up against the door and without clip in shoes just like James instructed. While I put the camera in a bad spot, it's proof I stayed up. 

Big thanks to James for letting me give rollers a shot. 

In honor of the start of the Tour de France (actually it was just because we had Monday and Wednesday off work) it ended up being a big bike week. Blair and I rode four hours on Monday, rode the fourth of July with Jamie and then on Sunday rode with the X-training group through Camp Pendleton to Orange County. I totaled 195 bike miles along with 24 running and 10k in the pool. My legs were flat while running, including a 20 minute T-Run following the 78 miles on Sunday but each ride felt great. The two ice baths definitely helped keep legs fresh. 

"You don't suffer, kill yourself and take the risks I take just for money. I love bike racing."
Greg Lemond

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  1. Dang, we should have ridden around for another 5 miles yesterday to make it 200!