Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 6 Training and Venue Viewing

(Written on a flight from San Diego to Seattle on July 18…posted whenever I copy and paste this to the blog.)

Jamie is a pretty special girl, so special in fact I asked her to marry once upon a time right down in Fletcher cove where the sharks swim. Last week's training combined two reminders of that special event. 

The first was on Friday evening when we went to swim along the shore line for about a mile and half starting at the cove in Solana Beach. The second was wedding venue viewing in Redlands, CA at …. [I'll let Jamie tell you about this because I don't want to spoil anything, her blog can be found here]. We thought about making a funny video for the venue research but more of those will come [can't wait to make the save the date video]. 

I'm seeing the great value in open water swimming, especially when there is such a close location. Fletcher Cove is both a beautiful and scary place. In 2008 a swimmer was killed by a shark there, a hard thing not to think about while kicking a path through kelp. Lately, the water in California has been clear, the water in the cove area so shallow that we could see the bottom. Sounds great right? Wrong, it's just foggy enough that the shadows play tricks on your mind. I had my one freak out moment when I yelled for Jamie like a little girl eliminated from a 2nd grade four square game. All was well when the shore was reached as the night air loomed and the sun was ready to set. 

That swim and the Sergio run on Thursday were the highlights of the training week. Most of the other workouts lagged in intensity and effort. I had to keep pushing forward with the reminder that some workouts are mud and some are stones but they both build a house.

At Sergio's workouts I've tried to take in all of this advice. One days easy is another days hard. That represents both training and life very well. Despite how I don't want to say this it also represents diabetes. One day things click well and another they don't but it all keeps moving forward. Sergio's workouts have helped remind me of this. Let go, move forward, swim hard, even if the water may have sharks. 

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