Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 12 in the Windy City

(Written on a plane from Chicago to San Diego, posted later.) Half of week twelve was spent in the Windy City, back near my midwest roots. 

The first half of the week was spent staring at the black line of the pool and DVR'ed programs on the trainer. The second half spent in Chicago for a work event crushing an hour of interval work on the hotel bike followed by a quick circuit and a very early 90-minute run along Lake Michigan. 

Circuit at hotel;
3x (as fast as possible) after hour bike intervals  
20 sit ups
:30 second bridge
10 lateral squats each leg
20 push ups
20 leg lifts
20 lap pull down 
20 narrow squats

My parents were good enough to make the drive from Eau Claire. Twelve weeks after this until Ironman, the next time I see them. I know they're excited for it as well. My Dad told me he has questions afterward that he doesn't want to ask until then so not to "psych me out" (his words). This is the reminder to answer those following the race.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 11: Hot!

Week 11 of Ironman training. 

On Saturday morning I ran 2:15, I really suffered the last 30 minutes from lack of water. I didn't bring any and planned to just stop at a few fountains but it didn't end up being enough with the humidity and lack of breeze recently. On the last mile of the run a buses exhausts fumes felt GREAT (I kid you not, true story). Finally a breeze, only to realize what was blowing on me is normally hotter than everything else. 

I took some pictures on the run. The trail I use for longer efforts is beautiful. Complete with lagoon, little league field (where I get water), equestrian field and golf country club. Not to mention ocean views at the beginning. The plastic bag over my phone distorts a few pictures but you get the idea. 

Sunday was long ride day. Five hours planned riding with James and Blair. A lot of climbing inland to the East. James ended up riding the full 4,500 feet summit up Palomar Mountain when Blair and I turned around. 

The ride took close to seven hours with a few flats and the usual water stops. Blair was like one of those semi's getting its tires shred across lanes of traffic with three flats. She had to get a pick up to a local bike shop in Escondido with no more spares between us and the patch kit done. The last 90 minutes was just me. 

During the ride I had 134oz of water and 225 carbs. Not counting the 20oz water and 60 carbs before hand. Instead of shutting off the basal rate (background insulin) like I do during shorter rides I put the basal at between 30-40% with small boluses (injection insulin) before eating. Below is the elevation and heart rate along with blood sugars and boluses (no CGM today). 

I believe some of the length of stops is what caused the 253 but never can be sure. Everything I ate was whole, real food. No gels on this and my stomach felt great the whole time. The potatoes with olive oil and a ton of salt was the highlight. Next time I'd like to have more carbs, around 60c/hour (ride time) and a tiny bit more bolus insulin. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 9 & 10

Boulder imagines
Week nine was a shortened training week with a work trip to Boulder, CO. As stated in the last blog Blair and I had some travel troubles but eventually made it. On Friday of week nine I was able to get in a seven mile run in the mile high area, a little tired after the long travel but either way it helped to keep the blood sugars in check during the whole weekend. 

After the travel week ten has been a good week of training. My blood sugars have been fantastic, even while in Boulder. Recently I feel I have had a good hold on the amount of insulin and keeping the proper ratios in check. Sometimes the diabetes just works better than others; right now it's working.
Jamie with our new strainer

On Saturday morning of this week Blair and I rode our regular Saturday ride with the Revolution Bike shop route. As the group is training for a hilly century ride in September, the Giro di San Diego, we went for 60 miles inland through the hills of San Marcos. After that ride James and I rode an extra twenty miles together. While he could easily drop me at any given moment (a professional rider), I appreciate him riding with me and allowing me to learn from his professional bike skills. 

On Sunday morning Jamie raced the Chula Vista Challenge. An Olympic Distance triathlon just south of San Diego. She checked in the day before while I was on the long ride, pre-swimming the course. It was really warm so she went without a wetsuit. Can't say she likes the wetsuit very much anyway as a "real swimmer" unlike the rest of us tri-nerds. 

The race itself was different because I knew more than just Jamie, a few training partners from the X-Training group were in the race as well. 

Jamie did the race last year (when it was in October), she really improved her bike; fifteen minutes by my watch. Here's where I take credit for the tire change early that morning! The run turned out to be extremely warm in the August inland heat but she still PR'ed the entire race and I couldn't be more proud. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 8 high miles and better treats

Who's on a slow internet connection, been in an airport for now six hours and watching people board a plane bound for London to watch the Olympics? Blair and Brennan. We're waiting for United to get it together so we can board our own flight for a work trip to Boulder... but I digress. 

At the end of the week something happened. I looked at my training log and realized I had ran over 30 total miles. I felt pretty good during most of them. Another thing happened, I realized I had swam over 13,000 yards and felt good during most of those too. Maybe the training is working. Even in those "just get through it" moments, I feel strong enough to push through. 

During all of this mad training one of the things I've really begun to ponder is the gels and powerbars. I eat fairly clean (especially compared to the rest of the nation) during the day but then on a ride or run I eat these gels and other "carbohydrate mixes" made mainly of Maltodextrin. All the while, I've had stomach issues in nearly every race and once in awhile on longer rides. 

But does it need to be like this? A few training partners in Sergio's group really advocate whole foods. Heck, the pro's in the 80's were eating fig newtons and pretzels. Now, the more I look into it professional cyclists are all eating real food. It makes sense. Most of the gels are just marketing and things of convenience. I found out some of the gels line your stomach like pepto bismol, not allowing hydration to be taken in. 

Well let's take a shot at this. I made these rice cakes for preworkout and riding. Here is the link for the recipe I made. Super, super easy. They taste really good too (who knew dried figs were this sweet). It only takes 30 minutes.

I then watched this video to see how to wrap them but it sounds like anyone could just add anything to white rice and have a good ride meal. I like eating before a ride, run or swim too so this is a heck of a lot cheaper than a Clif Bar or Powerbar. 

I added up all the carbs to make sure the recipe said the correct amount. 42/grams using a tablespoon of brown sugar. I added a bunch of salt as well since at my size I need the electrolytes. 
Inline image 1

On Sunday's ride I took two rice cakes along with a banana. It worked great. I ate all of that in the first two and a half hours then stopped at Camp Pendleton's store (tax free I might add) for two Clif bars opting to stay with the solid food approach. Feeling strong on the 30 minute T-run post ride I need to keep trying this approcach. More experimentation to come. 

Now to consider purchasing an over priced book for this flight delay.