Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 12 in the Windy City

(Written on a plane from Chicago to San Diego, posted later.) Half of week twelve was spent in the Windy City, back near my midwest roots. 

The first half of the week was spent staring at the black line of the pool and DVR'ed programs on the trainer. The second half spent in Chicago for a work event crushing an hour of interval work on the hotel bike followed by a quick circuit and a very early 90-minute run along Lake Michigan. 

Circuit at hotel;
3x (as fast as possible) after hour bike intervals  
20 sit ups
:30 second bridge
10 lateral squats each leg
20 push ups
20 leg lifts
20 lap pull down 
20 narrow squats

My parents were good enough to make the drive from Eau Claire. Twelve weeks after this until Ironman, the next time I see them. I know they're excited for it as well. My Dad told me he has questions afterward that he doesn't want to ask until then so not to "psych me out" (his words). This is the reminder to answer those following the race.

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