Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 9 & 10

Boulder imagines
Week nine was a shortened training week with a work trip to Boulder, CO. As stated in the last blog Blair and I had some travel troubles but eventually made it. On Friday of week nine I was able to get in a seven mile run in the mile high area, a little tired after the long travel but either way it helped to keep the blood sugars in check during the whole weekend. 

After the travel week ten has been a good week of training. My blood sugars have been fantastic, even while in Boulder. Recently I feel I have had a good hold on the amount of insulin and keeping the proper ratios in check. Sometimes the diabetes just works better than others; right now it's working.
Jamie with our new strainer

On Saturday morning of this week Blair and I rode our regular Saturday ride with the Revolution Bike shop route. As the group is training for a hilly century ride in September, the Giro di San Diego, we went for 60 miles inland through the hills of San Marcos. After that ride James and I rode an extra twenty miles together. While he could easily drop me at any given moment (a professional rider), I appreciate him riding with me and allowing me to learn from his professional bike skills. 

On Sunday morning Jamie raced the Chula Vista Challenge. An Olympic Distance triathlon just south of San Diego. She checked in the day before while I was on the long ride, pre-swimming the course. It was really warm so she went without a wetsuit. Can't say she likes the wetsuit very much anyway as a "real swimmer" unlike the rest of us tri-nerds. 

The race itself was different because I knew more than just Jamie, a few training partners from the X-Training group were in the race as well. 

Jamie did the race last year (when it was in October), she really improved her bike; fifteen minutes by my watch. Here's where I take credit for the tire change early that morning! The run turned out to be extremely warm in the August inland heat but she still PR'ed the entire race and I couldn't be more proud. 

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