Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 13: The First Annual Labor Day Ride Weekend

Huge three day weekend of riding, a small bit of recovery swimming and some painful transition runs.

Day 1: Saturday
Three hours on the bike along the regular Del Dios/Elfin Forest loop followed by a recovery swim at the Boys & Girls Club in Solana Beach. 
Total bike miles: 49
Total swim: 2,850 yards

Day 2: Sunday
Three and a half hours along the coast with Kristian (Jamie's boss and owner of Pear Sports) followed by two hours doing four time trial loops at Half-Ironman and Ironman pace at an eight mile flat loop in Rancho Santa Fe. After the long ride I went for a long transition run of seven miles. I wanted to do 15k (9.3 miles) but I started to completely break in the heat. All I could dream about was putting ice on my head and chugging regular coke, none of which I had. 
Total bike miles: 102
Total run: 7.3

Sunday ride map

Day 3: Labor Day
Four hour ride on the 56 bike path then the Del Dois/Elfin Forest loop for the second time this weekend. I then went for a 5k run loop around Solana Beach. 
Total bike miles: 61.5
Total run: 3.8

Monday T-Run
The best workout of the weekend was the Monday T-run, the end of the weekend. A workout that could have felt empty, I felt strong. Over the course of the weekend I wanted to recover well and feel healthy during the rides. After each workout I took time for recovery with an ice bath and long stretching sessions. I also ate more food than thanksgiving using my overall daily insulin as a gauge. On Saturday I downed brown rice and potatoes as if it was the last food on earth followed Sunday by nailing a gluten-free pizza followed by more potatoes. 

Besides the post workout meals, I ate and drank more on the bike than ever before. All of which was real food, even my own energy gels, my favorite being the salt soaked potatoes. I wanted to consume as much as I will during a 70.3 or Ironman. My blood sugars were perfect, putting that together with the food consumption the riding, running and swimming feel great. With eleven weeks until Ironman this weekend solidified that I'm happy with where my fitness level is.

Over 210 miles (337 kilometers if you're into that) during the first annual Labor Day ride weekend riding. Future Labor Day weekend riding to include Eau Claire to St. Paul and back, San Diego to San Luis Obispo and Palm Springs to Vegas in the heat. 

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