Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 14: Fiesta Island Time Trial #2

Again, the ever trusty team co-captain of Team Cassidy awoke for another race. With Jamie half asleep she again helped sherpa my race bag to the second round of the Fiesta Island Time Trial in 2012. My legs slightly heavy from a 15 mile run the day prior I was excited to see my bike improvement over the February race.

Even with tight legs I wasn't disappointed. I was able to shave over a minute off my time from February (1:12 better than last time) and looking at my power numbers I increased my power-to-weight by over 13%. 

In the morning, I awoke with a slightly low blood sugar which is better than the two recent night time highs that have destroyed my slumber. After picking up my race bib and a good hour warm up Jamie and I made our way to the race start. 

Two minutes prior to the start, while I could feel myself starting to get amped my blood sugar was 136. Then race time. Below is a screen shot of the pacing.

Data; Yellow is my power, red is heart rate and orange blocks is elevation (you can tell the laps here). 
Lap 1: Felt good, just getting into it.
Lap 2: As soon as I rounded the corner to start the second lap I could tightness in my left leg. Must be from the running yesterday. Keep pushing I thought, keep pushing.
Lap 3: All down hill from here. Just push through. The leg now felt good. Keep pushing until the end. When the last turn came I started to give everything I had left which wasn't much.

I never felt I could go as hard as I wanted but in the middle of hard training I gave it all I could. Looking at my heart rate it was nearly 10-15 beats lower than I thought it should be. Even before the race during my warmup I told Jamie, "I can't totally get my heart rate up where I want it". No complaints though, just tired. I proved to myself I'm pushing a lot more power on my bike than I could seven months ago.

21 days until Super Frog (Half-Ironman). 70 days until Ironman Arizona. 

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