Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 16: Next week, Super Frog

A long tiring Saturday morning trail run, a 475 blood sugar following a pod failure on the weekend ride and some shopping for tires/nutrition getting ready for Super Frog Half-Ironman next Sunday. 

I don't think I could have been more tired following my Saturday run. I don't even have an excuse for that one. Simply tired. I decided to do the swim planned for Saturday afternoon with Jamie on Sunday and run errands instead for the race next Sunday. 

Errands included a new rear tire (never changed it out following that flat last race) along with the nutrition for the race. I decided to go with organic/gluten-free fruition bars instead of my own rice cakes. It frankly relieves the stress of having to make the rice cakes perfectly and making them in perfect diabetes carb portions. During the run however I will use my own gel. 

Following the errands it was off to the SDSU football game to watch Nik.  
On Sunday Blair and I went for an easy flat three hour ride which somehow ended in a 475 blood sugar. I can't even remember the last time I recorded something that high. In preparation for the Half-Ironman next weekend I had planned an easy fifteen minute run following the ride. After seeing the blood sugar I took my pod off (insulin pump) and jabbed my leg with 4.5 units then headed out for a 30 minute run instead of fifteen. Blood sugar post run; 99. Diabetes domination is what that is. 

Very easy week prior to Super Frog. 56 days until Ironman. 

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