Monday, October 29, 2012

One big workout

One long, big workout. I worked out longer yesterday than it took Peter Jacobs to win Kona this year.

The plan was to swim for an hour then ride for over the Ironman distance followed by a very short run. My right knee has been flaring up. Not terrible but enough to make me think about it. Luckily, my brain does know that half of this race is just getting to the start line healthy.

I swam 3,200 (1.8 miles) when the pool opened at 7:00am then went home to change and ride over 112 with Blair. Well, long story short; we rode 114 miles with more climbing than any Ironman course in the world. (116 miles for the day.)

It took a long time so I decided there would be no post run. The training benefit at that point just wasn't there. My Ironman time will be no faster whether that run happened or not but it could have been slower if I ended up hurt by putting more pressure on the knee than the climbing had already instilled. 

Last big week this week then two week taper. 

  A day in the life video below.

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