Monday, November 12, 2012

Training and life through a phone

Last long ride on the 101, taken by Blair.
I read an article the other night how the creator of Polaroid, Edwin Land, in the 1970's spoke about how we would one day always have a camera at the ready. He was a true visionary of his time and the era he spoke about is here. (Click here for article.) Thanks to Jamie, Blair and my iPhone I have pictures of everything great from this year leading up to Ironman. 

Grave Digger, obviously I won, taken by Blair

The pictures are what I'll have to remember some day. Of course I'll recall the race but what about the six months leading up to it? I won't remember the fatigue but I'll have that picture racing Grave Digger during a training ride

With one week to go the taper has taken over. Peter was right, I've gone crazy. Taper is terrible. I liked the fatigue better.  

More than the training over the last six months there are also the good times. Ironman takes a lot of sacrifice but I'm glad I never missed any of Nik's football games. Nik will be in Jamie's and my wedding next October as one of the groomsman. He has dated Jamie's sister Brooke for the last four years and we've had plenty of good times. His last home game for San Diego State was on Saturday. 

After that it was off to Jamie's Water Polo match. Something finally clicked for me with water polo watching this weekend. Maybe it's because I finally realized it's just ice hockey in slow motion. Either way, now that I can "swim", I still don't understand how people don't drown. During the Ironman swim, when I get hit I promise not to cry like the other teams goalie. 


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